Our CR Vision

Kentz, a Member of the SNC-Lavalin Group, aims to conduct business in a socially responsible, ethical and transparent manner, with the desire to have a positive effect on our stakeholders, our diverse and talented workforce, and the communities in which we operate. We are guided by our Code of Business Conduct and maintain a strong focus on mitigating risks to our operations.

Our Principles

Shared responsibility

Social, safety and environmental awareness is the shared responsibility of all employees and the Board of Directors. We aim to develop and implement social and business policies which align with our clients and everyday activities.  

Honesty and accountability

We communicate our policies, objectives and performance openly and honestly to our stakeholders; investors, clients, employees and suppliers and others with an interest in our activities. We encourage an open dialogue with these audiences and welcome their input.

Code of Ethics and Business Conduct 

Continual progress

We are committed to continuous improvement. We will take into account the changing environment where we operate and adapt to these changes in the development and implementation of all new social, safety and environmental policies and procedures. We will monitor our performance, set objectives for improvements where necessary and report our progress regularly.     

Ethical and moral business practise

We are committed to observing the highest legal standards and moral ethics guide the Company's business activities. We will always meet all relevant legislation as a minimum,  where no legislation exists we will seek to develop and implement our own appropriate standards based on industry-wide best practice, while striving to be leaders in safety performance and employee well-being.  


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We respect our employees and encourage their development and training. Kentz has a policy of investing time and effort in the development of its people.

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Working in some of the world's poorest communities, WaterAid transforms lives by improving access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation.

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